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Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your interest in Xplant.

Hello! This is Xplant!
We are the largest plants website in Korea
We will do our best to assist you with your safe overseas purchase.
Please be reminded of the following when purchasing plants from overseas.

Overview of Process for International Purchase

Necessary of Phyotosanitary Certificate
Purchases over
KRW 300,000 per store
Payment of cost
Phyotosanitary Certificate
Apply of Phyotosanitary Certificate
Completed Issue of Phyotosanitary Certificate
Shipping cost exceeded due to weight
Payment of
excess shipping cost

Detail discript for International Purchase

1. Instructions
Hello. This is xplant.
Xplant are the largest plants internet shopping mall in Korea and has the largest number of farms in Korea.
We are exporting plants to almost every country and plants are delivered safely to most customers. (except in countries where plant imports are prohibited).
We promise to do our best that you receive the plants quickly and safely.
Be careful to those who approach selling at a lower price than X-Plant.
Xplant is not responsible for any problems caused by personal orders not through Xplant. (delivery delays, contact breaks and destruction of goods during customs clearance etc.)
2. Check overseas delivery stores and Required documents by country
1) Check overseas delivery products (stores)
In the case of goods (stores) that can be shipped overseas, the airplane mark appears in the picture of the product and the airplane mark appears next to the name of the overseas delivery store.
Overseas orders must be purchased from a Chinese/English/Japanese site (please select a language before ordering)
For overseas delivery, you must order from English / Chinese /Japanese site.
(Please select your language before order)

2) Required documents by country when importing plants
Japan - Phytosanitary certificate
Singapore - Phytosanitary certificate
France - Phytosanitary certificate
U.S.A - Phytosanitary certificate, Import Permit, Label(Green/Yellow)
Russia - Phytosanitary certificate, Additional Declaration
UK - Phytosanitary certificate, Additional Declaration
Italy - Phytosanitary certificate, Additional Declaration
Canada - Phytosanitary certificate, Import Permit
Thailand - Phytosanitary certificate, GMO
Philippines - Phytosanitary certificate, Import Permit, Additional Declaration
Australia- Phytosanitary certificate, Import Permit, The package must be labelled with species name

The plants must be fumigated and screened for disease on arrival in Australia at the expense of the buyer.
For more information, please search below websites.

Australia's Biosecurity Import Conditions database(BICON): https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/BiconWeb4.0
Australia government webpage : https://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/goods/plant-products/how-to-import-plants

* Phytosanitary certificate: Plants quarantine certificate issued in Korea.(After completing the order, fill out the application form referring to below 6.How to Apply for an Phyotosanitary Certificate)
* Import Permit: Permit to import plants issued in your country.
* Additional Declaration: It is required to be written separately on the Pythosanitary certificate and varies by country.
* Green/Yellow label: Stickers to be issued when issuing import permits in the U.S.A.
* GMO: This document is necessary for customs clearance in Thailand and it is issued in Korea without having apply separately.

For overseas direct delivery, you must order from English / Chinese /Japanese site.
(Please select the language before ordering)
3. Shipping cost
The minimum purchase amount for overseas shipment is 100,000 won from one shop.
The shipping cost (including washing and disinfection) per amount is as follows:
(However, if the weight of the item exceeds the shipping cost too much, it may be necessary to pay additional shipping cost. We will contact through your E-mail)

EMS and DHL shipping cost are the same. (Ems rate increase due to corona) EMS and DHL shipping cost are the same.
(Ems rate increase due to corona)
CountryAmount (won)Shipping cost (won)
Asia100,000 ~ 500,00070,000
500,001 ~ 1,000,000100,000
1,000,001 ~ 1,500,000150,000
1,500,001 ~ 2,000,000170,000
2,000,001 ~ 2,500,000200,000
2,500,001 ~ 3,000,000230,000
3,000,001 ~ 3,500,000260,000
3,500,001 ~ 4,000,000290,000
4,000,001 ~ 4,500,000320,000
4,500,001 ~ 5,000,000350,000
5,000,001 ~ 5,500,000380,000
5,500,001 ~ 6,000,000410,000
6,000,001 ~ 6,500,000440,000
6,500,001 ~ 7,000,000470,000
7,000,001 ~ 7,500,000500,000
7,500,001 ~ 8,000,000530,000
8,000,001 ~ 8,500,000560,000
8,500,001 ~ 9,000,000590,000
9,000,001 ~ 9,500,000620,000
9,500,001 ~ 650,000
Europe and America
Under 12pcs plants85,000
100,000 ~ 500,000120,000
500,001 ~ 1,000,000180,000
1,000,001 ~ 1,500,000250,000
1,500,001 ~ 2,000,000310,000
2,000,001 ~ 2,500,000400,000
2,500,001 ~ 3,000,000480,000
3,000,001 ~ 3,500,000540,000
3,500,001 ~ 4,000,000600,000
4,000,001 ~ 4,500,000660,000
4,500,001 ~ 5,000,000720,000
5,000,001 ~ 5,500,000780,000
5,500,001 ~ 6,000,000840,000
6,000,001 ~ 6,500,000900,000
6,500,001 ~ 7,000,000960,000
7,000,001 ~ 7,500,0001,020,000
7,500,001 ~ 8,000,0001,080,000
8,000,001 ~ 8,500,0001,140,000
8,500,001 ~ 9,000,0001,200,000
9,000,001 ~ 9,500,0001,260,000
9,500,001 ~ 1,320,000
Shipping cost will be automatically calculated according to the amount when you fill out your order.
4. Payment method
1)Cash deposit
Please use the following account information to make a deposit.
① Bank name - SHINHAN BANK
② Bank Address - 20, SEJONG-DAERO 9-GIL, JUNG-GU, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (post code : 04513)
④ Bank account - 140-011-003169
⑤ Recipient Information - xplant / T8032 chungmin-ro 66 Songpa-gu Seoul, Korea / +82-070-8658-2365

2)Card payment
Card payment is available for both mobile and PC. (Visa, Master, JCB, 中国银联)
Overseas cards can only be used with 3D security certification. (Prevention of the theft)
For the authentication method, please contact the card issuer.
Phyotosanitary Certificate
5. Phytosanitary certificate
-A phytosanitary certificate can be free issued for purchases over KRW 300,000 from a single store

- If you purchase over KRW 300,000 from a single store, you can only issue a phytosanitary certificate for the store's products.
- If you purchase under KRW 300,000 from a single store, you can only issue a phytosanitary certificate after paying the phytosanitary certficiate cost.
(The cost of a phytosanitary certificate is KRW 20,000)
* If you purchase under KRW 300,000 and you select to necessary certificate, we will send you a payment email.

- Please proceed the order after check to your customs that the plants is that can be imported from your country.
-Phytosanitary certificate and invoice will be included in the box during shipping
Apply of Phyotosanitary Certificate
6. How to Apply for an Phyotosanitary Certificate

Overview of Process for International Purchase
7. Overview of Process for International Purchase

①. First, search for a store that provides international shipment
(marked with an airplane icon next to the item name or store name )
(In the case of goods that can be shipped overseas, the airplane mark appears in the picture of the product. Also you can check the airplane mark next to the store ID.)

- The minimum purchase amount for overseas shipment is 100,000 won from one shop.

- If you purchase over KRW 300,000 from a single store, you can get a free to phytosanitary certificate. But in case of under KRW 300,000, there is an issuing cost 20,000KRW.

②. Please verify with your country’s customs if the plants you want to purchase is allowed for import.

③. If you need a certificate of quarantine, please select “Necessary” when you ordering.

④. After proceeding with your order, please look under MY PAGE-DETAILS OF ORDER and click to “application for quarantine certificate” and submit to application form.

⑤. After cleansing and quarantine, your plants will be shipped with an invoice and a Phytosanitary Certificate. Also, you may look up the tracking number and details under SEARCH DETAILS OF ORDER.

NOTE: Xplant will not be responsible for any problems at customs except related to soil and insects.

8. Refund Policy

1. The importer(customer) must accurately understand the plant import requirements of his/her country before placing an order. (Please contact customs or plant quarantine station) (If your nation is USA, you can refer to this USDA manual.)

2. Xplant is not responsible for any problems that arise after arrival in your country.
(Any problems arise at customs and quarantine station (tax, delay delivery, missing package) except bugs, soil)

3. Due to the nature of overseas shipments of plants, we ask you to order after fully understanding below things.

  1) Refundable
    - Dead
    - Completely damaged or broken

  2) Non-refundable
    - Some broken branches
    - Fallen leaves
    - Color change
    - Over-growth

4. If there is a problem, you must request a refund directly to the seller within 3 days of receipt.
Please send the 1) photo, 2) name and item code of the plant, 3) and order number to the seller.

5. In addition, if the parcel is returned/destroyed by customs or quarantine station, you must send us the official documents of the relevant institution. Refund processing is only possible if it is the seller's responsibility, such as soil, bugs, etc.
9. Unboxing review

2. Call Center
If you have some problem. Let us know Call Center

Thank you!