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마우스 휠을 움직이면 상품 이미지를 더욱 상세히 보실 수 있습니다.
lwb4738 550

Item code : 1620636888

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weekday : AM10:00 - PM5:00

Saturday : AM10:00 ~ PM2:00

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Shipping date :월~금

택배사 :롯데택배

Shipping cost: Shipping cost information
생명력 500ml-스트레스 극복/동물성 콜라겐 아미노산/다육이 야생화 분재 식물영양제
Start time 2021-05-10 17:55
End time 2021-05-11 17:00
Start price 14,800 won
Bidding Num 0 건 참여
Current price 0won
Status No one participated in the auction .
Delivery available EMS
Shipping cost Shipping cost information
★ Only members can bid, and there is no limit on the number of bids.
If you didn't buy it after winning the bid, you can't participate in the auction for 30 days.
★ Only the finDMAal successful bidder will see the "Purchase" button.
★ The winning product must be ordered and paid within 48 hours.
★ If someone else cannot bid due to server/network failure or other errors, the auction may be re-auctioned even if the bid is successful.
★ If you pre-bid favorite product, you can get a notification message 20 minutes before the auction is over.

★ The minimum bidding unit for each amount unit is as follows.
Less than 50,000 won -> minimum bid unit 500 won
50,000 won ~ 100,000 won -> minimum bid unit 1000 won
More than 100,000 won -> minimum bid unit 5000 won

Tip) If anyone bid within 2 minutes of the deadline,
2 minutes will be automatically extended, so please think carefully before you bid.
The picture of the auction product will disappear automatically 48 hours after winning the bid.
미입찰로 인해 경매가 유찰되었습니다.
* The bid cancel button will only appear within 10 minutes after bidding. (It can not be canceled within 1 hour of the deadline.)
* You can cancel a bid three times a day.
Num ID Time of bid Price of bid
No bidders
If the seller induces cash deposits directly into their account, please do not deposit them and report them to XPLANT.

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생명력 500ml-스트레스 극복/동물성 콜라겐 아미노산/다육이 야생화 분재 식물영양제
등록일 : 2021-05-10 17:55:24